Four Fun Ways To Add Visual Interest With Mirrors

Mirrors don't just allow you to view your appearance, they can add light and the illusion of space to any room of your home. Whether used in the bathroom, in your bedroom, or in a living area, reflective surfaces have long been touted as a home design staple. Whether you're designing a cozy cottage by the beach, or you're dressing an old-fashioned farmhouse home, this article will provide you with six fun ways to add visual interest with mirrors the next time you decorate.

Create the Illusion of Additional Greenery in a Small Garden Space

With more people than ever living in apartments and condos, incorporating green spaces has become difficult. If you're limited to a very small balcony or tiny yard, there just isn't enough space to grow many items. Use mirrors to create the illusion of space and make it appear that you have more greenery than you really do.

Look for large, picture-window style mirrors with antique or natural wood trim. For best results, set them against a wall across from your plants--the surface will reflect them back to you, making it appear that you have double the flora.

If possible, try growing a vine plant and encourage it to trail up over the mirror itself. This will give a distinct "secret garden sanctuary feel to your outdoor space.

Quick Tip: Can't grow real plants? Substitute fake plants instead; the same theory still applies.

Mimic a Third Window With a Full-Length Mirror

Having two large windows in a room is an excellent start, but why not add more light when you can? If you have two windows against a single wall, with a space in between the two, try setting a large, full length mirror against the wall between the two. It will reflect the natural light that comes in and give the illusion of a third window.

This strategy is particularly advantageous in dark rooms, or rooms with dark furniture or paint schemes. For best results, use the largest, widest full-length mirror that will fit into the space, and don't place shelving or furniture in front of it. 

Quick Tip: For an extra dash of visual interest, frame the mirror with the same curtains or window dressings you use to frame your actual windows.

Create Reflective Collages With Multiple Mirrors

Create a mirror wall collage to keep things unique while still enjoying all of the traditional benefits of reflection. Instead of using one or two large mirrors, purchase multiple mirrors with similar framing. Group them together on a single wall to create a beautifully whimsical collage.

Choose square mirrors in multiple sizes for an elegantly geometrical look. Or, choose small antique hand mirrors with highly embellished gold or bronze frames to add rich, opulent beauty to a living room or bedroom. Simple black and white plastic or wood frames work well in contemporary settings, while white distressed wood pairs well with cottage-style homes.

Quick Tip: Having trouble finding mirrors that match? Consider purchasing the base mirror panels instead. You can use everything from crystal cabochons to repurposed wood to frame them right at home. 

Highlight Abundance by Reflecting What Matters

In addition to creating the illusion of space, mirrors can also reflect your abundance. One of the best ways to incorporate this design theory is to place a large mirror the same size as your dining table on a wall directly beside it.

Each time you set out a special meal, the mirror will reflect natural light back to your guests while reminding you of just how much you have to be thankful for. Keeping the table well-dressed even after mealtimes also produces a beautiful focal point in any dining room.

Quick Tip: There's a second way to implement this, too: try placing a mirror on the wall directly across from a photo mural. Happy memories and faces will be reflected back to you from both sides of the room.

A final note--although mirrors can open up almost any space, there is such a thing as too much reflection. Avoid placing two large mirrors on adjacent walls in small rooms, as this creates a dizzying effect that can make some people feel nauseous. When in doubt, simple is best. For questions about how to implement mirrors in your space, or to purchase mirror panels, contact your local glassmaker today.

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