Back Off, Robbers: 4 Tips To Help Prevent Shed Theft

Each year, more than 3 million households are robbed. Shed robberies are lumped into the aforementioned statistic because the United States Bureau of Justice classifies shed theft as a type of household burglary, so it's difficult to estimate approximately how many criminals steal from sheds. Regardless of the exact number, it's still important to find ways to deter thieves from entering your shed. Protect your power tools and shield your shovel from the risk of theft by following the four simple tips below.

Cover the Windows

When you visit a shopping center, do you ever gaze at the merchandise through each window before deciding to enter a specific store? Criminals do the same thing with your shed, as uncovered windows provide a clear view of all the goods inside your structure. Hang dark curtains over the windows of your shed, or tape pieces of cardboard or sheets of newspaper over them. If the door has any glass panels, make sure to cover them as well.

After covering your windows, lock each one and attempt to slide it upward. If it does not remain firmly in place, it's time to replace the window lock. A locksmith, like those at Top Security Locksmiths, can examine your windows and recommend a set of sturdy, hard-to-pick locks. They can also take a look at your shed's door and make sure it has a resilient lock that cannot easily be broken or removed.

Organize Your Items

A clean, orderly shed makes it difficult for a criminal to find a hiding spot after entering your shed. A burglar may be hesitant to rob you if he knows he will be visible the entire time, and you can easily identify whether someone has been in the structure if you keep the possessions inside organized.  

Organizing your shed also helps protect you and your loved ones. Hide dangerous tools, such as ones that can be used as weapons or tools for breaking into your home, in dark, lidded containers at the back of your shed. When possible, remove the batteries or power cords from your equipment so that a thief cannot instantly operate it.

Consider locking individual containers that contain high-value items. A lock expert can install durable locks that open with a key or a code.

Illuminate the Area

Large trees, thick bushes, and above-ground pools provide convenient shields for criminals as they make their way toward your shed. Install lights around your porch, shrubbery, and lawn furniture, plus your shed, to deter burglars from stealing your personal possessions. Opt for motion-detecting lights that come on as soon as someone walks by or solar lights that glow brightly as soon as the sun dips beneath the sky.

The interior of your shed should also have a light, but do not leave it on unless you have already covered the windows. You want thieves to see that the the shed is illuminated, but you don't want them to know exactly what you've got inside.

Install an Alarm System

Alarm systems aren't just for front doors and garages. If you have expensive tools or lawn equipment in your shed, an alarm is a practical investment that helps protect your valuable merchandise. There are numerous types of alarm systems, including digital systems with high-pitched sirens and systems that send live video streams directly to your smartphone or laptop.

Because there are so many options, you may find it difficult to select the best one for your shed. Talk to a locksmith service about your concerns so they can help you invest in a top-notch alarm system that has the features you need.

Your shed deserves the same level of protection as your home, especially if you have expensive power tools or lawn equipment inside. Schedule a consultation with a reputable locksmith to learn more about how you can secure your shed.