Indoor Ant Problem? 3 Things To Know

Ants are something that many homeowners have to deal with at some point. Ants are present in most locations and can be an issue both indoors and outside. There are various species of ants that range from ones that are relatively harmless to ones that can leave painful bites. Ant pest control varies depending on where the ants are located as well as what species the homeowner is dealing with. Here are three things to know when dealing with an indoor ant problem.

Get Rid Of The Food Source

Getting rid of the food source is key toward dealing with an indoor ant infestation. Whenever food is left out, ants will move in from outside and can even build a nest inside the home. Keeping the home clean and free of food particles will help manage an existing ant problem and keep it from getting worse. Another way to deal with indoor ants is by feeding them poison bait. They will take the bait back to the nest and eventually the entire colony will be eliminated. The cost of this is between $3 and $55 depending on the bait used and the amount used. 

It May Be Necessary To Call The Professionals

While indoor ants can be relatively easy to deal with, if there is a large infestation, calling in the professionals is a must. Ant pest control services done by a professional cost on average $250. Certain types of infestations can cost a little more to deal with. Ridding a home of carpenter ants typically costs a little more. Also the larger the home or the larger the infestation, the more expensive the pest control services will be.

Termites Can Be Mistaken For Ants

Another thing to consider is that termites and ants may look more alike than many homeowners realize. Both ants and termites can damage the wood in the home. The main difference is that termites eat wood while ants burrow through it. Termite control costs an average of $537. Homeowners who notice signs of damage in their home's wood should contact a professional immediately and get an inspection. Whether it's ants or termites, the damage to the home can be extensive if the problem is not taken care of as soon as possible.

Ants can be a major problem inside the home. Homeowners who notice ants in their home should immediately work to remove their food source. If there are a lot of ants present or they are not responding to do-it-yourself removal methods, it's time to call in professional pest control. Both ants and termites can also damage wood and can also be difficult to tell apart. Calling in the professionals immediately is a must whenever the homeowner notices wood damage.