What To Do When Weeds Take Over Your Household Plants

Weeds don't just show up outdoors. The bothersome pests can also grow inside the soil of potted household plants. Some weeds can actually grow on the stems and petals of indoor plants. Once indoor weeds grow, they can quickly take over your lovely plants. You can control the weed growth in your potted plants with the information and tips below.

Why Are Houseplant Weeds Bad?

Because weeds can grow and survive just about anywhere, weeds are some of nature's most fearsome plants. Weeds that grow on houseplants can be particularly bothersome. The pests can weaken indoor plants by sucking the nutrients and moisture from them. Your houseplants may fail to thrive and flourish, even with careful watering and feeding.

Some types of weeds release toxins as they grow. These types of weeds may travel by air to reach other potted plants, or the seeds of the weeds may drop into the soil of neighboring plants. Once the seeds secure a place in the soil, they can quickly grow out of control.

You can try to control the weeds in your houseplants by physically removing them. However, some seeds and spores of weeds can be difficult to control or contain by hand. In this case, you'll need to take drastic action to free your houseplants of weeds. 

How Do You Eliminate or Control Houseplant Weeds?

Many houseplants can die if you use the wrong weed control techniques or treatments. One of the things you can do is contact a home-and-garden supplier and request weed removal treatments. The treatments may contain herbicides that destroy weeds at the root system. Some treatments may require the use of water or fertilizer to work effectively. A supplier can discuss the type of houseplants you own and make the best recommendations on how to treat them.

After you remove the weeds in your houseplants, take steps to keep them healthy. Try to place your pots away from each other to avoid cross-contamination. Remember, some weeds can drop seeds into neighboring plants. Also, water and fertilize your plants as recommended. Healthy plants may resist illnesses, weeds, and other problems better than unhealthy plants.

If you continue to see signs of weeds after trying the tips above, contact a home-and-garden supplier for additional help. A supplier may offer treatments that prohibit the growth of indoor and outdoor weeds before they have a chance to germinate in the soil. To learn more, visit sites like http://www.asepestandweedsupplies.com.