The Primary Differences Between Functional And Decorative Birdhouses

A lot of people who do not know much about birds tend to assume that all birdhouses are the same and that a decorative birdhouse is the same as a functional birdhouse. Sadly, this is not true, and even the wild birds that visit your yard know it. So, what are the differences between functional and decorative birdhouses? The main differences are as follows.

Decorative Birdhouses are Heavily Painted

Decorative birdhouses are heavily painted, almost to the point where they barely resemble a birdhouse at all. While such lawn ornaments can add a lot of color and character to the property, they do nothing to attract birds. In fact, birds have aversions to certain colors, such as red and purple. Since many decorative birdhouses tend to include a wide variety of colors that wild birds try to avoid, the only things you will see are wild birds landing on the roofs for a rest rather than peeking inside.

Decorative Birdhouses Are Much Too Small

In most cases, those birdhouse kits you buy for kids to assemble end up creating birdhouses that are much too small, even for a hummingbird. Birds will move into a birdhouse if it is the right size, has a perch by the "door," has the right-sized "door," and has adequate room for building a nest inside. The birds will not simply lay eggs on the bare wood floor of the birdhouse! It is in their nature to build a nest regardless of where they take up residence.

Functional Birdhouses Are All-Natural

Functional birdhouses are all-natural. Think about it; birds usually build nests in trees. It only makes sense that if a bird wants to take up residence in the birdhouse that the birdhouse be free of stains, polyurethane, and paint. Otherwise, you are choking and killing the birds on the fumes that are trapped inside the birdhouses. Birds have special nasal receptors in their beaks which sense toxic fumes, and that is why they will not fly into any birdhouse that is painted, stained, varnished, etc. on the inside.

Functional Birdhouses Also Have LARGE Openings and Perches Outside the "Doors"

Birds need perches on which to land. Many decorative birdhouses do not have perches, which is why you will see birds land on the roofs of decorative houses but never enter. Functional birdhouses have perches so that the birds can land, view the environment, and then enter the birdhouse.

There should also be large openings or "doors" for the birds to enter. If a bird cannot get its head and shoulders through the opening, it will not enter the birdhouse for obvious safety reasons. A one-and-a-half inch to two-inch opening works best for most birds if you actually want the birds to take up residence.

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