Myths About Home Mold

Mold is, unfortunately, a common problem in many residential homes. Mold occurs because of uncontrolled home moisture, and it can ruin some of the interior finishes and even the structures in your home. Homeowners can make the mistake of underestimating mold in their home. Don't buy into these common mold myths -- protect your house against mold. 

Myth: Mold only occurs in areas with high environmental humidity.

Mold can be more common in areas that have higher moisture in the air, but home mold can occur even in dry, desert-like conditions. One of the reasons why mold occurs is because indoor humidity is not properly controlled. For example, you might have mold problems because you have a dryer that is not vented correctly. You can have increased indoor humidity from using the shower, running the dishwasher, using a humidifier for a cold, or even from cooking food on the stove. 

This is the reason why mold often occurs in bathrooms, kitchens, or basements. These are the areas that have the most indoor moisture, even when the climate outside your home is dry. 

Myth: Mold only happens in older homes. 

People associate mold and mildew with age and neglect in a home; however, even a brand new house can start to have mold problems. If the roof is not properly vented, moisture collects in the attic and mold begins to grow. If the window collects condensation, water drips onto the drywall and molding and mold begins to grow. Every homeowner should be vigilant about checking for mold in areas where water collects or is used. 

Myth: You can take care of mold yourself most of the time.

If you notice a tiny patch of mold below your window sill, you might be able to control it with a scrub brush and a bit of bleach. However, mold can be like an iceberg -- it hides beneath the surface, and what you see is only a fraction of the real problem. If you scrub away a spot but notice another spot appear soon after, it's time to call a mold remediation company to make sure the problem is not hidden under the surface of your paint or wallpaper. 

Myth: Keeping things clean prevents mold. 

Mold is not always a symbol of poor housekeeping. Mold can be common in unclean homes because usually this means that moisture is not properly mitigated. However, even the cleanest homes can have problems with mold. 

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