Time to Get a Head Start on Your Fall Home Preparations

Have you created your fall to-do list yet? It seems that the day you get everything on your spring-cleaning to-do list completed, the first leaf falls from the trees and it's time to start preparing the home for fall and winter. Here, you'll find a few things that you can get a jump-start on to get ahead of the game this season.

Start with the Chimney

Since summer will be over sooner than most want, you can start with the chimney and not have to worry about getting it done right before the snow begins to fall and everyone else is scurrying about trying to get their chimneys cleaned for the year. Don't wait to hire chimney services—they may find something during the inspection that will require repair work that won't be done in a day or two.

Clear the Gutters

Clearing the gutters too soon before winter sets in can seem like a waste of time for some homeowners, but others will benefit from not having to worry about it again this year. If you have lots of trees and typically have lots of leaves and limbs in your gutters, it's probably best to put this project off until the leaves have fallen from the trees—unless you have the special gutter covers that prevent the leaves from getting into the gutters and clogging them up—then you can do it whenever you want or need to.

Prep the Concrete & Asphalt

Is the sealant on your asphalt surfaces in good condition? Are there cracks forming in your concrete or asphalt driveway, sidewalks or stairs? Well, it's time to get those cracks filled before the freezing temperatures set in. You see, if those cracks remain open for moisture to enter, the water will eventually expand and make the cracks bigger—eventually turning them into potholes. Filling in the cracks and applying a fresh coat of sealant will go a long way in protecting the asphalt and concrete throughout winter's changing temperatures.

Check Your Furnace

It's about time to get the furnace serviced for the season. Your furnace should be inspected at least once each year to catch any issues that could present a danger to your family and your home. This will also keep the system running optimally and efficiently.

Talk to your local professionals for assistance in getting all of this work done. You'll be glad you did as you sit back and watch your neighbors struggle to get all of their work done as the snow begins to fall.