Concrete Installation Tips To Help You Succeed At Your Next Project

Working with concrete can be very rewarding and give you the ability to succeed at your next project. A DIY concrete slab installation in your yard will provide you with a smooth finished patio or shed slab that can increase your home or property value over the next few years. However, be sure to follow some basic rules related with doing concrete work. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your next concrete project.

Understand the Proper Mixing Method

When you choose to mix up your own concrete, you can buy pre-bagged concrete based on the amount you will need for your project. Be sure you calculate your needs appropriately and purchase the dry mix measurements so you don't have to leave your project in the middle to go get some more dry mix.

You can mix your bagged concrete with water in one of several mixing containers. A wheelbarrow works well to mix one to two bags at a time, depending on their size, because you can use the wheelbarrow to help deliver the mixed and prepared concrete right to its final location.

Toss the bag of concrete in the wheelbarrow and cut open the bag, dumping it into the wheelbarrow. If the heavy bag of concrete accidentally breaks open when you toss it, this is okay since you will be opening it into the wheelbarrow's basin. Next, add the right amount of water to the wheelbarrow and use a garden rake to pull the dry mixture into the water. Mix it completely until no dry mix remains and the entire wheelbarrow is smooth and thick.

Understand Your Mixing Options

You can also mix your own concrete from the individual components of gravel, cement, sand, and water in the right measurements. You will need to take the environment into consideration when you mix your own batch of concrete.

If the climate in which you live is dry and hot, plan to add slightly more water than dry components, which will keep the mixture moist until it cures fully. A mixture that does not have a bit more moisture in a dry environment will dry out the mixture too quickly, preventing it from curing to a full strength. Also, for example, if the weather is humid and wet, you can plan to add less water than a traditional mixture to help the concrete mixture dry out as it cures.

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