Take Texas Jewelry Home With You

If you are planning a trip to Texas, you'll probably want to buy souvenirs for yourself and to give to friends and family members. Think of buying Texas jewelry. Besides the fact that you'll have lots of choices, the jewelry will be easy to pack. In addition, Texas jewelry comes in many prices. Read on for some ideas that might help you create a shopping list.

One idea is to buy Texas-themed sterling silver charms. Give the charms by themselves, or buy a sterling silver necklace or bracelet to hold the charm or charms you select. There are many Texas charms from which you can make your selections. They all represent the spirit of Texas, or something found in abundance in Texas.

Here are some examples of Texas charms

  • Spurs
  • Armadillo
  • Horse
  • Cowboy hat
  • Long horn steer
  • Pistol
  • Star
  • Shape of Texas
  • Oil derrick
  • Football
  • Helmet
  • Truck
  • Rose
  • Bluebonnet
  • Boot

You might decide on a very slim bracelet that will hold three or four Texas charms.

Maybe you want to give a necklace with a larger Texas charm as the focal point. In that case, go with a Spirit of Texas bell charm. A larger sterling silver charm that has a Texas bluebonnet enameled on the charm is another good idea for a single charm. The single word Texas with a longhorn and a Texas star as part of the design is another choice.Or, go with a glass locket that holds a very tiny Texas charm, a blue rhinestone to represent the Texas bluebonnet, and a yellow rhinestone to represent the Yellow Rose of Texas.

You can find many Texas-themed earrings too. For instance, choose earrings with dangling stars or with the shape of Texas on them. One beautiful and unique choice for Texas earrings would be real pressed bluebonnet petals encased in clear glass. 

If you want to buy somebody special a Texas ring, go with a thin sterling silver band that has a rose in the middle. Or, choose a ring that has the shape of Texas with the words Texas Strong or the word Y'all in the middle of the ring. Maybe you are taking a gift to somebody who was born in Texas. If so, a ring that says, Made In Texas would more than likely be very well received.

There are so many designs for the shape of Texas that you might want a collection of them for yourself. Reach out to a Texas jewlery company like Texas Capitol Giftshop to learn more.