Gutter Repairs That Can Restore A Trough Dented By A Storm

If your home has aluminum gutters, you may have to deal with dented troughs at some point. Aluminum is thin and light, so it dents fairly easily. A dent might happen when wind hurls something against the gutters, or you might dent the troughs yourself with a ladder when you climb on your roof. Here's a look at how a gutter repair service can get rid of dents.

Decide If The Dent Can Be Removed

The first step is to decide if the dent can be pushed or pulled out. If the gutter is crushed so bad that rain can't flow through, then replacing a section of the trough might be a better choice. If the gutter is still functional but just looks bad from the ground, then it may be possible to remove the dent.

Push Or Pull The Dent Out

The trough has to be cleaned out first so the insides of the gutter and the dent can be seen. It might be possible to use a rubber hammer and lightly pound the aluminum back in place so the dent disappears. Another option is to pull the dent out rather than push it out.

To pull out the dent, the gutter repair person has to grab the metal so the dent can be pulled out. This might be done by placing a washer inside the trough and inserting a screw through the washer so the screw can be grabbed and pulled from the outside.

Replace A Section Of The Gutter System

If the dent can't be removed, the gutter repair service might recommend replacing part of the gutter. If you have sectional gutters, the affected section will probably be replaced. If you have seamless gutters, the entire trough may need to be replaced. While this is a more costly type of gutter repair, the expense is worth it if that's what it takes to ensure your gutters drain properly.

Make Associated Repairs

There might be other problems with your gutters that were caused by the storm or that happened during the dent repair process. The trough might need to have the slope adjusted so rain drains quickly. The fasteners may need to be tightened if the trough sags. The gutter repair professional may also check seams if you have sectional gutters in case the force that bent the gutters caused the adhesive to separate and create a gap that lets rain leak through.

Whether the dent in your gutters affects how well the gutters work or not, you probably want the dent removed so it isn't an eyesore. Even if you're the only one who notices the dent, it's worth the peace of mind to have the dent removed, especially if it can be done easily by pounding it back out from inside the trough.