What To Consider When Selecting Your New Bathroom Faucet

Are you in the process of remodeling your bathroom and need to select the bathroom sink? Here are a few things that you should consider when you are making this bathroom upgrade. 

How Many Faucet Holes Are There?

Your bathroom sink is going to use one of three types of faucets, which are either centerset, widespread, or single hole. The type of faucet that you select will depend on the holes in the sink. A single hole faucet will have a handle that is built into the faucet itself. As you can imagine, these sinks only have a single hole for the faucet to attach to. It is common in pedestal sinks that are on the small side, but it can be in almost any type of sink available to you. 

A centerset or widespread faucet is going to have separate holes for the hot water, cold water, and where the water comes out and flows into the sink. The difference between them is that a centerset faucet has everything built into a single plate that goes over all three holes. A widespread faucet will have the water handles and faucet as three separate pieces that connect underneath the faucet. 

Do You Want to Use An Extension Plate?

Having three holes in the sink doesn't mean that you can't use a single hole faucet, since it can still accommodate this style if you really want to use it. The main thing to know is that you will need a single hole faucet that has an extension plate. This plate will cover all three holes so that you cannot see them. There is also the option to put other things in those holes if you do not want an extension plate, such as a soap pump. 

Can You Drill Custom Holes? 

If you want a centerset faucet and have holes already in the sink, it is crucial that you purchase a faucet set that has the holes in the exact placement. You'll want to carefully take measurements and make sure that it matches any new faucet that you purchase, or it will not fit. While there is a standard spread between the holes, it is always worth double checking.

When using a widespread faucet with plans for it to be installed in the countertop, then you will need to drill your own holes. Then the distance between the holes does not matter. The three parts are their own entities, and you can actually separate them further apart to create a different type of look for your bathroom. However, you may have trouble putting in a centerset faucet or a single hole faucet with an extension plate later.

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