What Does Cabinet Refacing Involve?

Are you sick of your old, outdated kitchen but don't have the money to renovate the entire room? So many homeowners feel this way and aren't aware of the alternatives. For example, have you heard of cabinet refacing? Cabinet refacing is a remodeling technique you can use to change the way your kitchen looks without spending a fortune. Keep reading to learn what this technique involves.

You keep your cabinet structures

The first thing to know about cabinet refacing is it requires keeping your current cabinet structures. These structures are the parts of your cabinets that are screwed to your walls and floors. Therefore, a contractor won't have to demolish your entire kitchen. Instead, they'll begin the project by removing all the cabinet doors and drawer faces. They'll also remove the hardware.

You get new faces

Secondly, cabinet refacing means you get new faces. New faces mean you get new cabinet doors and drawer faces. You can choose from any color, style, or wood type. After choosing, the contractor will refinish your cabinet structures to match the faces you choose. They can also refinish your cabinet hardware if you want to reuse it. You can either hire a contractor to build the new fronts for your kitchen or order standard cabinet faces from a kitchen cabinet supplier.

You can add extra features

As you plan your project, you might want to look into adding extra features. For example, you could add crown molding to your new kitchen. Crown molding is a piece of wood a contractor attaches to the tops of the upper cabinets, giving a kitchen a classy look. You can also add cabinet organizers or glass doors to some of the cabinets. Additionally, you can reuse your current countertops or order new ones. You might even be able to refinish your current counters, which costs less than replacing them.

You'll spend much less and still get a new look

Choosing cabinet refacing is a great way to drastically change the looks of your kitchen without breaking the bank. The process can still be costly, but it will cost less than replacing all your cabinets.

Talk to a contractor to learn more about cabinet refacing

Cabinet refacing is a great alternative to replacing your kitchen cabinets and costs less. Are you ready to learn more about this process and the costs? If so, talk to a remodeling contractor that offers cabinet refacing services.

For more info, contact a local company.