Why Mice Are So Bad To Have In Your House

If you have mice in your home, then you want to get rid of them right away. The longer they are there, the more damage they can cause and the greater risks they can pose. Here are some of the problems mice can cause in your home: 

Issues with food contamination

Mice will often get in the cupboards and eat the packaging of food in order to get at the food. This means that the food will be contaminated, so you and your family should no longer eat it. The amount of food you end up needing to throw out can be significant. 

Problems with the insulation

Mice can cause a lot of problems in areas like the attic by gnawing away at the insulation to use it as their nesting material. The amount of damage they can cause can be substantial. 

Issues with the home's efficiency

When the mice damage the insulation, as mentioned above, it can really affect your home's efficiency in a bad way. The less insulation left in place, the harder it will be for you to keep the home heated and cooled to the temperatures you set the thermostat to. This means the system will be put through more use, which can affect its lifespan, and it means you will likely see an increase in the cost of your heating and cooling expenses. 

Problems with bad odors

Mice will net in your home in places that are hard to find. They will urinate and defecate in those areas, and a bad odor can result from all the mess. Since the nests can be so hard to locate, you can end up with those bad odors in the house for a long time. 

Concerns with the home's electrical system

Mice can present a real hazard in your home when they get in the wiring. They can gnaw at the wires to also use the coating from them for their nests. When they end up exposing the wires, or even gnawing through them, then there can be a significant risk of a fire happening. They can also cause electrical issues throughout the house, resulting in lights and appliances that won't work. 

Concerns related to health problems

Mice can carry a number of diseases, and this means they can be a health risk to have in your home. Some examples of diseases they can have include rabies and bubonic plague. They can also carry ticks and ticks can spread certain illnesses, such as Lyme disease. 


Having a better idea of just how bad it is to have mice in your home, you'll see why it's so important to have someone come out to get rid of them for you. For more information about mice pest control, contact a local company.